Questions for Dan

  • How do we personally ask them what their problems are?
    • Do you want us to create a video or a document reflecting on the videos you sent as well as our video chats. We want them to know that they identified these problems, but we are having a hard time understanding on how to do that with our distance problem. That is why we were wondering if we should make another video or if you had any better ideas.
  • How do you want to educate the community about how to run and maintain the systems?
    • Would you guys have little gatherings and someone teaches them and then they teach others or did you have something else in mind?
  • How do we protect the investments once they are there?
  • What do you think is plausible?
    • We have chosen to focus on Kihara and the gravity pipe system.
      • What should we aim for when trying to fix this?
  • What resources are available to you?

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