Our Reflection

Conference 1:

  • The first project of its kind — it’s important to set a good standard
  • Long lasting solutions→ Should enhance the quality of life
  • Utilize their own resources
  • Stages of a Project like this:
    • Indicated Interest: selecting communities
      • Introductory Conference
    • Conducting Cooperative Research: Using technology to compare results
      • Access to each other’s work
      • Look at different problems and choose a few
      • Which methodology should we use?
    • Identify appropriate water project
  • Quantitative and qualitative increase of resources
  • White Elephant -When people bring in technology which is not compatible with the community.
  • Asset based community is the only this project with succeed. The community will carry the project on because they have a connection to it.

Conference 2:

  • Which method? // which sources? // which location?
  • Designing a project according to study
    • Students, Communities, FOCUS
  • Raising Resources to implement the water project
    • Sustainable development approach
    • Affordability
    • Raise 30% by the end of the year (?)
  • Connection to Ugandans using pictures of Milwaukee area.
  • Goal by May 17:
    • Develop a video/ interactive experience for the global expo.

Conference 3:

  • Implementation:
    • Activities we have planned should be operational
    • Create a presentation
    • Raise funds
    • Raise awareness
    • Raise publicity
  • What happens to the community, happens to people
  • Important to choose which community to assess
    • Each community is very different // has their own rights
  • It can be determined by location (i.e. USM)
  • Communities are centered around:
    • Resource
    • Location
    • Nationality


  • You have to ask questions, you can’t tell people what their problems are.
  • In order to sustain a solution you have to understand what is available and what skills the community members have
  • Set standard for similar projects in the future
  • Asset based development
    • Assess the situation and determine if development is possible.

What has been Effective:

  • The film
  • The sustainability and asset-based training
    • This really turned us in the right direction with our thinking


    • Implementation
      • Who would be doing this?
    • How far along are you with these communities?
    • What would be fruitful for us to do as an element of this larger project?


  • What should we do right now?


  • What is the next stage specifically?

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